CHILDS Eupsychia Days

If Euphoria means 'the good feeling', Eupsychia means 'the good mind'.  It's a made-up word, so don't bother looking it up in the dictionary being the curious cow that you are!

But we think it's a great word to describe what's required in order to 'win'.  And remember, winning at CHILDS is about mobilising all your resources to go as far as you can using all you've got; and to do that you've got to keep learning.  You've got to learn more about yourself (as an individual or as an organisation), others, and the attitudes and behaviours that promote thriving over surviving.

We also believe that organisational change begins with personal change, so learning and change is really what our Eupsychia days are all about.

The dynamics of 'winning' are too complex to be understood in the classroom alone. This programme provides a distinctive combination of classroom and case work along with physical exercises that are bespoke to you.  We have used mini tennis, high and low ropes, and all manner of activity to create the most appropriate environment for learning, personal change, and high performance team-work to take place.

It was a totally stretching, inspiring and fulfilling day – I feel like my eyes have been opened up again!  So, thank you for giving us the opportunity to take the risk and grow as individuals, and as a team.  I have been referring to it with my colleagues all morning in meetings, and looking now to us as a team at work, to get out of our comfort zones more often and be bold and grow!!  Failing that I'm going to be looking for a new job!

The Product

  • Changing the Game/Playing to Win Training Course delivered by our experienced facilitators
  • Designed to give individuals, teams and organisations the know-how to maximise their performance and potential in challenging circumstances.
  • Based on learning by experience about individual and team responses to challenges set
  • A full day (8.00am – 6pm) or a half-day course (8.00am – 1pm) with refreshments, and lunch, customised to your requirements.  There is a significant pre-course session to clearly clarify and understand client needs
  • All days are based at Halton Tennis Centre's first class conferencing facilities

The models, ideas and exercises are excellent, with clever and articulate facilitation

Some of our tools and what you'll learn on the day

  • The energy grid
  • Comfort zones and learning zones
  • What is means to 'play to win' versus 'playing not to lose'
  • The T.A.S.T.E and Results models
  • The growth curve
  • Acting 'as if'
  • Getting the fish on the table
  • and a whole lot more.....