Matt Rogan - "Data Driven Sport: Seizing the Opportunity"

Our Curious Cow Talks are morning and evening meetings designed to spread ideas and spark curiosity within and beyond our community. Matt Rogan, CEO of Two Circles, spoke on 19 November 2015.

We are living through a digital revolution. We check in before we arrive at the airport. We expect retailers to know what we bought on our last shop. We can hone our forehand using iphone 6’s slow motion video mode. Our kids have never seen a cheque book.

Matt Rogan is Chief Exec of Two Circles – a sports marketing agency created in 2011 to help sporting organisations build stronger relationships with their customers, using changes in the data and digital landscape as the means to drive this. In 4 short years the agency has grown to become a business of 60 employees, working with 50 clients across 15 sports and 10 international markets and winning the coveted Sports Agency of the Year Award. In 2015 Two Circles was acquired by WPP.

Matt will share the journey Two Circles has been on to reach this point, focusing not only on the ways in way data and digital is changing the outlook for sport, but also reflecting on some of the opportunities and challenges, ups and downs of leading a disruptive fast growth start-up business in current times.