"Winning" with CHILDS

CHILDS is a non-profit, education and development division of Halton UK.

We help individuals, teams and organisations win

Winning, of course, "requires definition, or at least calibration, according to circumstances"*. At CHILDS, we define winning as

Identifying, gathering and mobilising all our resources to go as far as we can.

How we achieve our objectives

We’ll win by learning and sharing, by being curious cows, consistently challenging ‘herd wisdom’ and the status quo.

What we do

  • Curious Cows Conference Room - 'Our Room for Improvement'. The latest addition to Halton UK is a bespoke, purpose built meeting and conference room available to local and visiting individuals and groups holding meetings, seminars, lectures, networking events, award events, conferences and other business and social events.
  • Curious Cow Talks: Breakfast or evening meetings designed to spread ideas and spark curiosity within and beyond our community.
  • Workshops and Courses: Leadership; Parenting for performance; Effective communication and negotiation skills; The business of coaching; Developing sustainable club business models; CV development for athletes in career transition; and more.
  • Eupsychia days: using our Playing to Win model we have had great learning experiences with organisations such as Lane 4The Youth Sport TrustThe Mediaport and Aylesbury Grammar School.

Our vision for the future

In the next years we'd like to see CHILDS influence SPORT in the Chiltern area in the following ways:

  • Access funding:  CHILDS will source and access funding for emerging junior sporting talent. Athletes, coaches and clubs will be able to apply for funding support for promising young athletes.
  • Participation in sport in the region: CHILDS will encourage grass roots and participation across all sports in the CHILTERN area by acting as a promotional and marketing champion.
  • Specialists: CHILDS will have its own 'in-house' specialists, including strength and conditioning, mental skills experts, and others who can be accessed by affiliated membership
  • Publications: regular dissemination of information from and about affiliated members, their activities, and key developments in learning, development and sport in the Chiltern area.
  • Affiliation:  Individuals, athletes, coaches and clubs are invited to join CHILDS as affiliated members for an annual subscription fee.

CHILDS is a non-profit division of the Halton UK charity. Surpluses generated by CHILDS activities are re-invested into personal and professional learning, development and sport in the Chiltern area.

* Alistair Campbell, Winners and How They Succeed